Fast websites generate more visits, page views and conversions, and promote user satisfaction and engagement. Globally, most websites load within 1-6 seconds on desktop machines, and the average time is a little over 3 seconds.

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Every second matters

Studies show that a 1 second reduction in page load time can result in...

Between 1% and 12% increase in the number of conversions

Conversions are defined in a variety of ways: the number of purchases, registrations, downloads, contacts via phone or email, and links shared via social media. When Ancestry.com reduced their page load time from 13 to 5 seconds, conversions increased by 7% [*]. Pinterest.co.uk found that reducing their home page load time by 60% increased conversions by 40% on mobile devices [*]. Intuit.com found that conversions increased by between 1 and 3% for every second of reduced load time [*]. Mozilla.org increased downloads of their Firefox web browser by 15% [*] by reducing their page load time by 2.2 seconds. Walmart.com found a 2% increase in conversions for every 1 second reduction in load time [*]. A study of multiple e-commerce websites by Compass.co found a 1 second reduction in load time correlated with a 12% increase in conversions [*].

Between 3% and 10% increase in the number of page views

Page views are a strong indicator of user engagement. The news website Telegraph.co.uk found that a 4 second reduction in load time increased their total number of page views by 11% [*]. Another news website, The Financial Times (ft.com) found that a 3 second reduction in load time increased their page views by 8% [*]. Section.io studied the performance of a number of of e-commerce websites, finding a 36% increase in page views when page load times are reduced from 6 to 3 seconds [*].

Doubling the number of visitors who view more than one page

Bounce rates are the percentage of visitors who abandon a website after viewing only one page. A recent study by Pingdom.com [*] of 35,000 e-commerce sites found that when load times decreased from 5 to 4 seconds, bounce rates decreased from 38% to 24%, and when load times decreased to 3 seconds, bounce rates fell to just 11%. Another recent study by Google [*] of mobile users found that the probability of bouncing halved when page load times decreased from 6 to 1 seconds.

We aim to create websites that are in the fastest 15% worldwide as measured by tools.pingdom.com


Advanced caching

Website pages are built ‘on-the-fly’ by code running on a server. With intelligent page caching, we store prebuilt versions of pages and serve these whenever possible, thereby eliminating much need for code execution giving improved page load times.

Lean systems

All-encompassing systems which try to do too much generally result in intensive and slow database operations. The CMS we use is lean and fast.

Global content delivery

For clients with geographically diverse visitor profiles we offer global CDN (Content Delivery Network) integration. These networks store copies of a website on servers located around the world, reducing the delay due to physical separation between the website visitor and the server.

Code profiling

The slowest parts of a websites’ code have the greatest potential for improvement. Profiling allows us to identify and optimise these ‘performance bottlenecks’.

Content optimisation

To display a web page a number of files need to be downloaded from a server. Each download introduces a delay due to connecting, waiting for a response, and transferring the data. By combining and compressing multiple files of the same type, we reduce the number and size of downloads needed.

Load balancing

For more demanding traffic requirements we offer load balancing as part of our website hosting services. The burden of serving a website is intelligently distributed among multiple servers, enabling the handling of up to 10,000 simultaneous connections.

No server sharing

We never host more than one website per server. As well as providing security benefits, this means that your website performance is never at the mercy of other websites sharing the same resources. This also allows the server to be tuned and optimised for the specific needs of your website.

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