Stolen website credentials can be used for fraud, hacked websites damage business reputations and can result in blacklisting by search engines. We put every effort into making your website as secure as possible.

Connection security

All websites come with SSL encryption, allowing secure connections to your website from any location - even over public wifi. This prevents stealing of credentials or other sensitive information by eavesdropping on the connection.

Web browsers are giving increasingly strong visual indication of secure connections. The most popular browser, Google Chrome, is now marking all websites which lack SSL encryption as “Not secure”. SSL encryption therefore boosts public confidence in your website and provides a professional image. SSL encryption also provides a small SEO boost, a factor that is likely to increase as the internet moves to full encryption.

Security audits

Our server security is independently audited, providing enhanced security for clients of our website hosting services.

Dedicated servers

When multiple websites share the same server, an insecure website can potentially allow the server and all other websites to be compromised. In contrast with shared hosting, we give each website its own dedicated server, which gives security as well as performance benefits.

System security

We implement a Content Management System which has an excellent security track record, and which is developed with the principle of never sacrificing security for convenience.